Top Climbing Spots in the USA

Due to its vast territory, the USA has a wild diversity of terrains that are popular among mountaineers. This country has been one of the best destinations for climbers for ages. There is a significant number of climbing spots you can choose from spreading from California to Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

The USA has a lot of challenging mountaineering experiences to offer both to professionals and newbies. If you are already an expert at climbing, you have probably decided to embark on a journey to one of the destinations we are going to talk about in this article. If you are new to this adrenaline-rush experience, here is a list of the destinations you can visit one day when you develop your climbing skills.

California and Its Joshua Tree National Park

Though it may be a bit overcrowded for your taste, Joshua Tree National Park should be on your bucket list. Having in mind that this national park spreads over 1,235 square miles, there is no wonder that climbers find it a very appealing destination.

Experienced climbers can enjoy around 8,000 routes with different levels of challenge. Unlike other peaks, here you can continue climbing in winter as the climate allows this. It is estimated that around 1million climbers come to Joshua Tree National Park to try their skills.

Maine and Its Acadia National Park

The cliffs of the coastline of Maine are also attractive to skilled mountaineers. However, you should be courageous to try to come climbing here, at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.  One thing is for sure; you will be mesmerized by the magnificent granite cliffs while you are climbing.

If you are that brave to try this epic climbing experience, you should be well prepared – make a smart plan, prepare your kit and also have a look at the chart of the tides in that region.

Wyoming and Its Devil Tower

As its name suggests, the Devil Tower is one of the top destinations for courageous climbers. The Tower consists of hexagonal columns that offer several challenging routes for the most experienced among crack climbers.

The Northern Plains Indians believe that the Devil Tower is a sacred place. If you have decided to challenge yourself and try one of its dangerous routes, you should be warned that there is no rescue team nearby. So, it is obligatory to register before you head for the Tower.

Utah and Its Arches National Park

Arches National Park in Utah is considered to be the heaven of free climbers. This desert park spreads over an area of 100, 000 square miles. Nature has done some great job there, forming around 2,000 stone arches, giant rocks, and massive pinnacles.

The climbing routes that Arches National Park offers are not for unexperienced climbers.  If you are an experienced one, you will love your climbing adventure. The park is regarded as a free climbing area as it is not allowed to climb the arches with climbing pitons.